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Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup

This is an acoustic guitar Soundhole preamp and eq with a microphone that i created to add a new level of functionality and added to your shopping cart, this page will show you how to order and how to operate the acoustic guitar Soundhole preamp and eq. I also offer the acoustic guitar Soundhole preamp and eq for sale.

Acoustic Guitar Pickups

The acoustic guitar pickups are top-grade substitute to boost your guitar sound! They have an 12-hole Pickup that lets you choose your own tone, or use them with the included amplifier to get a very loud and clear sound, the guitar imparts a standard microphone and of easily accessible 12 holes. This acoustic guitar Pickup kit comes with an 12-hole acoustic guitar, a magnetic preamplifier and an 14-speeky amplifier, the - acoustic Pickup - is a model that allows the use of pickups on an acoustic guitar signal. It is an 50-watt model and it is placed around the inside edge of the soundhole, it is see-through in design and can accept either (1-5 th order) or a custom th order) return. This acoustic guitar Soundhole product is an 12-hole acoustic guitar pick up, it offers a transducer and amplifier to create an electric guitar sound. The pick up is 12" long by 6" wide and it is basic to operate, the pick up is 12" wide by 6" thick. This acoustic guitar Soundhole is produced of plastic.