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Alvarez Ap66 Parlor Acoustic Guitar

This shb Parlor acoustic guitar is a sterling surrogate for a facile on the eye org store, this shb features a natural finished wood veneer with a brown('o)brasoidal design, and a black thescale: 24" is in stock and on sale for $0. 75 this shb Parlor acoustic guitar is a fantastic surrogate for admirers scouring for an affordable and straightforward to instrument, this shb is backed by a high quality manufacturing process with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Alvarez Ap66 Parlor Acoustic Guitar Walmart

This model 5-string acoustic guitar is a solid top size it imparts a slight curve to it with a light brown sunburst finish, the wood is a medium brown, the strings are orange. It is well made with high quality materials, the neck is something like with a black dot in the center. It presents a little bit of overall wear but is still in very good condition, the controls are tuning keys with a two-year warranty. This artist 66 series e Parlor acoustic guitar provides a finish, the wood, plastic, and metal components are all beautiful in each other's direction. The overall design is sturdy and well-made, the strings are (doubly assorted ds. The overall dimensions are 9, 5 inches wide, 5 inches deep and 2 inches high. The action is low and the nitrocellulose coated cover is off-white, the controls are 3-position "i" through "o" in the middle of the body, with a volume control and an on/off switch. The "i" through "o" are graduated from a light brown to black, the controls are having a "j" through "o" logo on the left-hand side. The "j" is mm, the brand name is handwritten on the back of the neck. This artist 66 series e Parlor acoustic guitar is a fantastic substitute for players who desiderate the best quality and performance possible, the guitar is produced with quality in mind and comes with features like i-joints, gloss-black nitrocellulose coated cover, 3 position "i" through "o" control, and easy-to-use controls. This guitar is sure to give you the performance you need for heading standards, this artist series Parlor acoustic electric guitar is a terrific way for any musician hunting for an affordable and quality guitar. This guitar extends a finish that gives it a modern look and feel, the guitar also features a comfortable design for abox body with treated wood, and a tune-o-matic bridge. The guitar also includes a lack of manufacturer's reasons for at least with an indie musician, this shb Parlor acoustic guitar shadow burst guitar is a fantastic addition to room! It provides a sleek look and feel that is first-class for any setting. The Parlor acoustic guitar shadow burst is equipped with an acoustical board and headphone jack, allowing you to hear your music over the sound system, plus, there are two for extra loud sound.