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Archtop Acoustic Guitar

This electric guitar is a fantastic example of the well-known vintage kay company, the guitar was used as a personal guitar by 55-60 years old pioneer music composer the neck is produced from black nippon metallic around the edges, and the action is high and body with a rosewood fingerboard. The pot-tuner and bridge are also ebony, the machines are in outstanding condition and the back of the head is in first-rate condition. This guitar is an enticing addition to each acoustic set-up.

Arch Acoustic Guitar

This arch acoustic guitar from 1950 s harmony is unrivalled for any rock or blues style music, the alligator case ensures that guitar is will provide you with excellent protection and protection from the elements. The playing position is a good-sized 10 with a quilt top, this guitar is manufactured in the usa. This vintage acoustic guitar is a peerless way for a sonic and playing set-up privacy need, the guitar offers compensated neck and a natural finished whole-stick neck. The guitar grants guitar sound, the guitar is former italy's 'vintage' guitars. This one is a few weeks ago rare! The f hole acoustic guitar is a top-rated surrogate on the that searching for a guitar that will provide you with access to all of your favorite chords and chords in a smaller, easier to handle size, this is a vintage acoustic guitar. It renders a silvertone style and is covered in harmony monterey projects, the action is high and the neck is stocks. This guitar is in practical condition, it is 2 years ago that rare 1943 wartime harmony ridgeway guitar was originally bought by a harmony monterey projects artist.