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Brazilian Rosewood Acoustic Guitar

This acoustic guitar is from 1985 and is in first-class condition, it is still able to play well and offers a lot of power.

Brazilian Acoustic Guitar Music

This electric guitar is manufactured with Brazilian Rosewood in dalbergia it features a set for luthier- old growth and is built with a side, this is an electric guitar which is manufactured in brazil by dalbergia it is a Rosewood acoustic guitar and the headstock is produced of Brazilian rosewood. The cve is an old growth Brazilian rosewood, the layer of Brazilian Rosewood at the back of the guitar is in the form of a "boulder" and is deep. It is in the form of a v-shape and is parallel to the strings, the side of the guitar that is for the headstock is fabricated of Brazilian rosewood. The set for luthier is manufactured of Brazilian rosewood, the headstock is in the form of a v-shape and the cve is a Brazilian rosewood. This is a Brazilian Rosewood dalbergia back-side set for luthier that is old growth, the guitar is equipped with a g-strings and is produced with peened build. The neck is fabricated with a set-up for a virginia-tang = 25, d = 25, un- abercrombie-tang = 25) and the frets are set at 25, the instrument is calibrated and the bridge is equipped with a volume control and a tone control. This Brazilian Rosewood acoustic guitar is a beautiful guitar! The luthier to used in the construction of this guitar, and it is valuable for acoustical music, the Brazilian Rosewood is action and sound good, and it sounds and feels good in the hand. The backside of the guitar is produced from Brazilian rosewood, and the case is made of Brazilian Rosewood also.