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Elixir Acoustic Guitar Strings

The Elixir acoustic guitar Strings are new line of strung guitars that are built with high-quality materials and processes, they are top-rated for acoustic go-getters who need the best sound and performance possible. The new Strings are 3 sets of natural-colored Strings that give an extra sense of color and style to your acoustic guitar playing.

Strings Baritone Acoustic Guitar Strings 11002 11027 11052 16002 16027 16052 12002 12052
Strings .012-.053 Light 16052
Strings 16002 16027 16052 16077 16102 Free Shipping
Strings 12-53
Strings Set Elixir String Art 16052 For Acoustic Electric Guitar Nanoweb 80/20 Bronze Light Rope Free Shipping
String Elixir Nanoweb Coating Anti-rust Phosphor Bronze Electric Or Acoustic Guitar Strings Optional

3 Sets/ Pack Guitar String

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Elixir Custom Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

The Elixir light nanoweb acoustic guitar Strings are new line of Strings that are designed to provide superior sound and performance, this is done by using a variety of different techniques and materials in order to create a Strings set that is acoustic and yet still offers the quality sound that you would expect from a regular old guitar Strings set. The 3 pack of Strings is a valuable surrogate to get started! The Elixir polyweb acoustic Strings are new series of Strings created with latest technology in mind, they are extensions of the Elixir nanoweb phosphor custom strings, which are peerless for acoustic guitars. The new Strings are designed to be as light as possible, while still offering high-quality, these Strings are 3 packs and come with 10 different colors, patterns and types our acoustic guitar Strings are made with the latest Elixir Strings technology for a tight, high quality connection. These Strings are terrific for any acoustic guitar, whether you're playing guitar open or bey, the Elixir nanoweb light acoustic guitar Strings are unrivaled blend of ten thousandths and become more excellent with time. This type of string is top-quality for acoustic guitar players who are wanting for something with excellent sound and performance, the Elixir nanoweb Strings are best-in-class way for these purposes.