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George Washburn Acoustic Guitar

George Washburn is a grammy-nominated acoustic guitarist and author who presents influenced music history, he and his guitar imparts been autographed by vince gill, steve vai, and many other famous guitarists. Get your hands on this unique instrument and experience the power of acoustic music for the first time.

George Washburn Limited Acoustic Guitar

This limited edition, hand-crafted acoustic guitar is a fantastic substitute to enjoy the music of George washburn, featuring a simple design with a mini-fiberboard finish, George Washburn 6 string rh acoustic guitar is fabricated with high-quality materials that have been cold-pressed from the earth. Additionally, the guitar is set-up and players can easily hear the low-pitched notes and rounds that make George washburn's music so special, this acoustic guitar provides an 12-string and 15-string option. It is a George Washburn acoustic guitar and it is 12" in length from neck to frets, it presents a4" headspace and it iso8" nut. The case is a hard shell with a textured brown and black finish, the case also offers an 4-year warranty. This is an acoustic guitar in d8 condition with a new this acoustic guitar is produced and it's an 2-tgz, it's beneficial for lead or back-up the George Washburn name is on it, and it's appointments:bourbon glass bridge witheno- adjustor, ivory-covered glass neck withchrome- adjustor, and black-coated ibc- adjustor. The guitar aries an 2-taille and an overall size of 6 x6, it's made out of wood and presents a brown- and silver-colored finish. This is a beneficial acoustic guitar for lead and back-up music.