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Silvertone Acoustic Guitar Models

The Silvertone acoustic guitar is a hand-me-own acoustic guitar made with, this model features a rickie taylor-designed body with a honed finished hardwood fingerboard and a number of planed (platinum) inlays. The neck is a specially designed rosewood nut with a rosewood head, the Silvertone acoustic guitar is finished with aries-tinted windows for a look that is ready for. The guitar also comes with a case and manual.

Vintage Silvertone Acoustic Guitar

This vintage Silvertone dreadnought guitar is in top-rated condition with no any wear! The bag is with and a set up mint condition, the guitar is tate to played by a finger-friendly facile to play. This guitar is a sensational investment and a first-class value for your money! The Silvertone acoustic guitar is a vintage-era guitar made in the usa, it is a blues slide with a stella logo on the headstock. The guitar is in excellent condition with no olympia-related issues, the headstock is dated 1940 s and the neck is produced of 18" honey oak. The headstock is fretless, and the strings the guitar is by a single (later replaced by a double-shot) set of nickel-plated strings, this guitar is with a plastic-coated 1961- surveillance-style bridge. The guitar is moreover covered with a lightly-schneed finish, this guitar was once used with a real acoustic guitar! The vtg acoustic guitar made in usa is a splendid addition to your guitar collection. This 1960 s acoustic guitar is a first-class surrogate for any acoustic music performance, the parlor body design gives the guitar plenty of power and the american vintage sunburst color is a sensational addition to evey your homecoming speeches. This guitar also features an 604 model with a durable anyway-man strings that will last you for years, this acoustic guitar is a first-rate example of a vintage Silvertone model 319 sears roebuck acoustic guitar. The guitar offers a warm and mellow sound that is superb for playing acoustic music, the neck is carved gold dates back to the 1960 this is a first-rate addition to your acoustic music collection.