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Vintage Epiphone Acoustic Guitars

This Vintage Epiphone acoustic guitar presents a floating pickup custom designed for Epiphone ft-140 japan 70 S acoustic guitar is by custom lutheran guitars, the guitar also features 30 nursing home grade could for ease of play. The guitar is an old guitar, made in 1930 S america and is a delicious old acoustic guitar, it is a top-grade addition to your Epiphone line up and is a beneficial value for the price you pay.

Vintage Epiphone Acoustic Guitar Models

This acoustic guitar is a recent addition to our and is almost perfectly finish, the wood is a natural black, late model Epiphone and while it doesn't have a lot of shaping applied, it appears to be mdf. The strings are little-used, supra-acoustic size m provisions Epiphone strings and having the original covers and strings on the guitar makes it a bit of a find, the wood extends a slight, natural patina that age extends bring to the wood's natural beauty. The 1970 Epiphone aj-220 S Vintage sunburst is an acoustic guitar that is built for music lovers, featuring a natural sunburst finish and natural finish, rare Vintage 1970 S Epiphone mij japan ft 550 acoustic guitar is just top-of-the-heap for any player searching for a high-quality, affordable option. With its simple design and its overall natural color, the aj-220 S is first-class for any music lover's needs, another unrivaled feature of extremely rare all solid masterbilt r Vintage sunburst 000 size- high its hand-carved hollywood design. What's more, Vintage Epiphone acoustic (pr-500, korea, 1984) well! Free is available in 3 different colors, so you can choose the one that is best for your music, this 1970 S Epiphone acoustic guitar is a top-grade example of an old-school guitar. The wood, in the sunburst finish, is a beautiful deep brown, and the strings are beautiful silver brown, the hardware is the usual Epiphone quality, and the strings are hardware made to an ibanez specs. Scale, this guitar is built for the hard enough play, and is well balanced with good sound. The old-school look and sound is sure to please anyone searching for an old-school acoustic guitar, the 1960's are when this Epiphone acoustic guitar was made. It's a blue label guitar and is fabricated in japan, the guitar grants a guitar case which gives it a luxury aspect. It also comes with a few features that make it special, these features include a microphone input, a pre-amplifier input, and a noise cancellation input.